Head of School - Anouska Gardner
Head of School - Anouska Gardner



We are a school where high standards are at the heart of everything we do.  Wearing the correct school uniform and coming fully equipped for the school day, play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting the appropriate tone. We believe that our uniform can instil pride, support positive behaviour and discipline, encourage identify with and support for school ethos, ensure that students of all races and backgrounds feel welcome, protect students from social pressures to dress in a certain way, nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of students.

School Uniform 

  • Navy blazer: with school logo. 
  • Slipover: in navy only with school logo.  The grey slipover may no longer be worn.  From September 2022 this item of uniform will be optional for all students
  • White shirt: loose fitting with stiff pointed collar to be worn with the top button fastened with a tie and tucked in fully. 

The open-necked white blouse which was worn without a school will no longer be permitted.

  • Tie: with maroon/navy stripe for all students.  The grey/maroon tie will no longer be worn.
  • Trousers: must be of a formal style (not skin-tight, not jeans/denim/cargo/chino /legging-style). Black or dark grey.  Navy trousers are no longer allowed. 
  • Kilt: (optional) worn at knee length.
  • Socks: must be black or navy and worn above the ankle. 
  • Shoes: must be plain black leather-look flat shoes. Training shoes, canvas or branded shoes are not permitted. Ankle boots may be worn as long as they will fit under the student’s school trousers. 
  • Tights: worn with the kilt, must be black or navy (worn without socks over the top).
  • PE Kit:  PE top with school logo, black or navy shorts or black or navy leggings.
  • Hair: must be natural in colour and style – no extreme hair styles are permitted.  
  • Make-up: should be subtle, not be noticeable and should be natural looking.  
  • Nail polish: coloured, acrylic nails, gel nails and other forms of false nails are not permitted.  
  • Jewellery: stud earrings worn in the ear lobe, one plain wristwatch and a charity band. No other forms of jewellery are allowed.  Jewellery that is worn due to medical conditions may of course be worn.

Any additional jewellery will be confiscated by any member of staff who sees the student wearing it.  It will then be handed in at the main reception.  Students will no longer be allowed to ‘put away’ their jewellery.  

Essential Equipment

It is also essential that all students bring a school bag each day, have their planner and necessary equipment with them.

  • School planner
  • Blue or black pen plus a spare
  • Red pen
  • Pencil
  • 30 cm ruler
  • Rubber
  • Scientific Calculator
Where can I get the uniform from?

School uniform for Barlby High School is available from :
Classroom Clothing
22 Finkle Street

Telephone Number:  01757 700577


Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Friends of Barlby High School (FOBHS) also run a Second Hand Uniform Shop.


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