Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner




The thrive model places emphasis on prevention and early intervention to support a young person’s mental health and wellbeing, to ensure that they can thrive. This includes the use of self-help materials. Some common wellbeing and mental health issues are explored below through self-help guides. Clicking on the tiles will direct you to information and simple self-help strategies which can be trialled to improve mental wellbeing. Each sheet includes a range of ideas so that suitable ones can be chosen.

These self-help materials have been created in conjunction with the NHS Wellbeing in Mind Team.

Apps to help support your mental health

These apps can help you support your mental health and wellbeing in conjunction with the self-help guides above. All the apps listed can be found on the NHS Apps Library, an online directory of trusted health and wellbeing apps that have been assessed to be clinically safe and secure to use. The apps listed have also been reviewed by health app evaluation and advisor organisation ORCHA.

All students and staff have received an information card with these links on. Cards are available at Reception, drop in and collect one for yourself or share with someone else.


Help with anxiety, stress and low mood

My possible self appMy Possible Self: The Mental Health App
Free, with in-app purchases

Take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the My Possible Self mental health app. Use the simple learning modules to manage fear, anxiety and stress and tackle unhelpful thinking. Record your experiences and track symptoms to better understand your mental health.

Stress & Anxiety Companion
Free, with in-app purchases

Stress & Anxiety Companion helps you handle stress and anxiety on-the-go. Using breathing exercises, relaxing music and games designed to calm the mind, the app helps you change negative thoughts to help you better cope with life’s ups and downs.

catch it app

Catch it

Learn how to manage feelings like anxiety and low mood with Catch It. The app will teach you how to look at problems in a different way, turn negative thoughts into positive ones and improve your mental wellbeing.


Free, safe and anonymous support. Helpful articles, personal experiences and tips from young people and the Kooth team. Discussion Boards; Start or join a conversation with the friendly Kooth community. Lots of topics to choose from!



Help with sleep, relaxation and general wellbeing

feeling good appFeeling Good: positive mindset
Free, with in-app purchases

Relax your body and mind with a series of audio tracks designed to help you build confidence, energy and a positive mindset.


chill panda appChill Panda

Learn to relax, manage your worries and improve your wellbeing with Chill Panda. The app measures your heart rate and suggests tasks to suit your state of mind. Tasks include simple breathing techniques and light exercises to take your mind off your worries.

eqoo app

eQoo: Emotional Fitness Game
Free, with in-app purchases

The eQuoo app uses adventure games designed by psychologists to help you increase your emotional fitness and teach you new psychological skills. You’ll also find tips on how to communicate more effectively and maintain your mental wellbeing.

Free, with in-app purchases

Calm is an app for sleep and meditation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety.

Self-care Plans

Click the links below for further guidance;

My self-care plan: Secondary students

Moving to Secondary school