Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


Personal Development Days

We have five Personal Development Days spread across the school year. On these occasions we suspend the normal timetable in order to allow students access to a wide variety of activities which enhance their everyday curriculum.

Examples of such activities are:

  • Educational visits to The Thackeray Museum to develop Science and Health & Social Care studies and the National Railway Museum to explore engineering opportunities.
  • Studying a topic in greater depth, for example ‘An Inspector Calls’ for English Literature studies.
  • Competing in Interform Sports to support a love of sport, develop team work and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Meeting employers, university and college staff and prepare for future careers. Undertaking challenges and competitions including a Stock Market Challenge.
  • Meeting inspirational speakers such as Holocaust survivors and those who have experienced challenges in life.
  • Taking time out to understand and develop self-worth, through the study of compassion and mindfulness.
  • Undertaking charitable activities including sending shoeboxes to Romania through one of Hope’s favoured charities, Cry in the Dark and learning from Malawian charity, The Jali Youth Centre, which supports adults and children with HIV.
  • Exploring the school motto ‘Living life to the full’ through art, poetry and poster displays.

Through our Personal Development Days we hope to inspire and enthuse our students to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Academic achievement is, of course, hugely important to us and we always expect our young people to give their best, but we also recognise that our young people are all unique. Not only do they have individual needs, circumstances and interests, they have their own ambitions. The enriched curriculum and host of opportunities we can provide at Barlby and across the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust give each child the chance to carve out their own pathway towards achieving their goals and ultimately being the best they can be.