Stop the Clock for Anti-Bullying Week

Stop the Clock for Anti-Bullying Week

Students at Barlby High have been off timetable for a day this week as they focus in on ‘respect’. As this half-term’s ‘Stop the Clock’ Day fell during Anti-Bullying Week, students in Years 7-10 have been discussing ‘choosing respect.’

The students separated in to year groups and followed a variety of topics for the day. Students in Years 7 and 8 looked at bullying and discrimination through the medium of virtual reality. The students were immersed into a virtual situation where they were watching a gang bullying a fellow student. They witnessed first-hand what bullying is and about the choices that we all have, and don’t have, in respect of who we are.

Year 9 focused on the meaning of respect and studied and wrote poetry on how people may feel when they are disrespected.

Homophobia was the discussion topic for Year 10, who talked about the many different family units in today’s society, what we value in our lives as individuals and respecting that everyone is different.

Year 11 spent the day sharpening up their revision skills with specialist subject teachers from the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust. Jim Kelly, Director of Maths and Chloe Dolphin, Director of English took the students through a whole host of methods and techniques, and also shared some valuable relaxation and wellbeing tips!

It was a great day and all students were really engaged and got on board with the theme of the day.


Quick reminder that tomorrow is non-uniform day in support of one of our school charities @Cry_in_the_Dark. Students need to bring £1 if they haven't already please. You can find out more about Cry in the Dark here: