Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner



Barlby High School, Selby York. Part of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust.
Curriculum aim

The Music curriculum in our school will help students to develop a passion for a great subject and help them develop practical skills that will extend way beyond the classroom into adult life. Activities within this highly-structured course will build musical skills and knowledge which will lead to students performing in front of others.

Key stage 3 Curriculum overview

At KS3 students will be taught the fundamentals of the subject. You will be taught how to read Music if you do not already know. You will be working on several composition projects and learn how to compose Music. The course is structured around various types of Music all of which you will be exposed to; Film Music, Pop Music, Classical, World Music and Dance Music. 

You will be encouraged to perform both solo and as part of an ensemble. Students will learn new songs and have access to expert tuition for the following: vocals, guitar, drums, woodwind and strings.

GCSE Music

GCSE Music will provide the opportunity to progress to A Level alongside the ABRSM and Rock School practical and theory graded examinations. Students will be given the chance to study a wide range of musical genres, with more opportunities for practical learning. GCSE Music brings theory, listening and composition to life. It will broaden a student’s mind and foster a love for music from around the world. 


What does the course involve? 

Listening: Students will answer questions about unfamiliar music and study a series of set works. 

Performance: Students will perform a solo piece and an ensemble piece and these will be internally assessed. Composing-Students will compose two pieces of music. One of their own choice and a second from a brief chosen by the exam board.

How am I assessed? 

Listening – Exam paper with listening exercises and written questions using excerpts of music. The exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes. (40% of the total marks)

Performance – Performance 1: Solo performance. Performance 2: Ensemble performance. A minimum of four minutes of performance in total is required. (30% of the total mark.)

Composing – Composition 1: Composition to a brief. Composition 2: Free composition. A minimum of three minutes of music in total is required. (30% of the total mark.)


Keep in touch
Subject Lead for Music is Mr Jones who can be contacted by email at