Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


Design & Technology, Engineering and Food

Barlby High School, Selby York. Part of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust.
D&T Curriculum aim

We aim to ensure students have the knowledge, skills and experience to learn a practical, hands on subject.  This will give them the confidence as they move forward with their learning to gain new skills and use these in a practical sense both in and out of the classroom.

Key stage 3 Curriculum overview

Students will be encouraged to develop skills across all Design and Technology subjects in KS3, that will steer them towards specialising in certain areas at KS4 (no current KS4 groups and information will be added at the appropriate time). 

In the Design and Technology workshops students will undertake practical activities using wood, metal and plastic, helping them to develop practical skills using physical materials. There is an electronics component where ideas are explored using circuit boards.

Specialist equipment and well equipped workshops help students to explore their full potential within a highly-structured environment.

The design process that will help individuals become the next generation of artisans is never far away. 

Keep in touch
Subject Lead for DT is Mr Jones who can be contacted by email at:-

Food and Nutrition

The newly refubished Food and Technology rooms give students a great opportunity to explore their culinary talents. Major topics to explore in KS3 and KS4 might include:

  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Diet and Good Health
  • The Science of Cooking Food
  • Food Spoilage
  • Food Provenance and Food Waste
  • Cultures and Cuisines
  • Technological Developments
  • Factors Affecting Food Choice

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Subject Lead for Food Technology is Mrs Poulton who can be contacted by email at:-

Key Stage 4 GCSE Food

Our students will study for GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition (EDUQAS) which is a stand-alone GCSE subject and is assessed in three parts: 

  1. Food Science Investigation (8hrs, 15% of GCSE) 
  2. Food Preparation Assessment (12hrs, including a 3hr practical assessment, 35% of GCSE) 
  3. Written Exam Paper (1hr 45m, 50% of GCSE)
Key Stage 4 BTEC first in Engineering

Students will produce four units (called assignments) over three years, roughly one per term for the whole course. They will work on practical Engineering objects and will make things that run alongside theory work. 

Students who pass will gain either a Pass, Merit or Distinction and will know their final result before they leave school.

Keep in touch
Subject Lead for Engineering is Mr Jones who can be contacted by email at