Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


Paws for thought…

Barlby High School’s Favourite Dog Breed

Isabella Brocklesby, Oliwia Jablonska and Neve McDonagh
German Shepherd

The following questions were posed to a selection of school staff and students, in order to locate the school’s favourite breed of dog. It is said that over a quarter of the UK population owns a dog and so it is fair to say our questionnaire was very much engaged with by all! This survey was completed by our fantastic Y7 students: Isabella Brocklesby, Oliwia Jablonska and Neve McDonagh (Form: LWR)

Our questions were…

  • What dog breed do you think is the most practical and why?
  • What dog breed do you find the cutest and why?
  • What dog is your least favourite and why?
  • Which dog breed is the easiest to look after and why?
  • What is your favourite dog breed and why?


Based on our survey, these were the dogs that came out on top and why:

  • German Shepherd – Cute, protective, fluffy, brave
  • Labrador – childhood dog, friendly, cute
  • Pomeranian – fluffy snowball, small, practical
  • Australian shepherd – cute, attention, smart
  • Husky – cute, brave, powerful
  • Cockapoo – Well-behaved, practical, cute


Our school’s favourite dog is…

The German Shepherd!


Close competitors;

Easiest dog to look after… Sausage dog

Most practical dog breed … Labrador


And finally, the least favourite pooch was the; Chihuahua

Australian Shepherd
Dachshund (Sausage dog)


It was an absolute privilege and delight to watch our Year 10 GCSE Drama students perform Blood Brothers last week. They were brilliant and are a credit to the school. Well done everyone.…