Head of School - Anouska Gardner
Head of School - Anouska Gardner


The Roast Dinner

The Roast Dinner

By Zac Lambert

The Roast Dinner has been a significant success to all of Britain and a staple family favourite.

Most cultures believe that British food is bland or revolting. I believe this is because it is different and unusual compared to curries, burgers and other cuisines. My personal opinion is that British food is misunderstood by other cultures across the globe.

Consider: perfectly cooked meat (your choice of course), fluffy roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings the size of bowling balls, and all swamped in the finest onion gravy…

Tempted yet?

My opinion is that the great British roast dinner is, and will continue to be, my favourite dish.

If you haven’t had one yet, why don’t you try it?


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