Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


Let’s all go to Mexico…

Let’s all go to Mexico...

By Toby Durling

Mexico is a tropical, humid country with a rich and interesting history that’s full of excitement and fun. The hot, warm sun draws in tons of adventure-hungry tourists every single year.

Mexico’s history is exciting, action packed and the results can still be seen today. If you know where to look. The Mayans were key players in Mexico’s history and made many beautiful buildings, with some still remaining today. Mexico now has plenty of posh, modern and amazing all inclusive hotels that allow tourists to appreciate and explore its rich cultural landscape.

Mexican food is also some of the best food I have ever eaten! Some of my favourite Mexican dishes on my travels were burritos, tacos, guacamole and spicy sausage. A culinary treat for any avid foodie!

Finally, this sunny retreat is also home to many rare and exotic animals. I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing Mexican animals that made a great holiday even more memorable. I saw spider monkeys, iguanas, turtles, lizards and many more extraordinary creatures that you would never get to see back home.

I think Mexico is by far the best holiday I have ever been on. It was sunny, a tropical paradise and fun, which is everything I want from a holiday.