Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


You’ll never walk alone

Liverpool FC review

By Rafferty Patrick

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is one of the best teams in England as they play in the top league (Premier League) and were also one of the first teams to be formed nationally, back in 1892.

This club unites 103.1 million supporters with its awesome team of players that never disappoints.

Their current manager is Jürgen Klopp, a German professional manager and former player. He was appointed manager in 2015 uniting the club into a formidable team and establishing a loyal fan base across his present career.

The reason why they are the best team is that they have an amazing group of energised supporters that warmly welcome people into the LFC family. Also, they’re an amazing club as most of their players are donators to causes which the world struggles with; setting up the LFC Foundation to support local communities and inspire young, upcoming talent.

Their team plays games that never disappoint and the crowd is always noticeable with their well-known and catchy chants. Their slogan,” You’ll never walk alone” Is one of the main reasons this club is united and will continue to succeed long into the future!