Principal - Anouska Gardner
Principal - Anouska Gardner


Retired teacher launches book on the history of Barlby High School

Retired teacher launches book on the history of Barlby High School

A teacher who worked at the same secondary school for almost 37 years has now written and published a book about its history.

David Milburn taught at Barlby High School for his entire teaching career, educating pupils in history, humanities and physical education. In addition to being careers co-ordinator and head of Year 11 for 18 years, Mr Milburn also worked with children with special educational needs and served as a staff governor at the school for more than 20 years.

When Mr Milburn retired from Barlby High in 2010 he began researching for his book. However, other retirement activities and holidays quickly took over and research was put on the back burner. When COVID and lockdown arrived in March 2020 he found himself in need of a project and so the book came to fruition.

Mr Milburn said “Barlby High School was part of my life for such a long time and I wanted to tell its story. It’s a wonderful school, right at the centre of the Barlby community and having had the privilege of working there for nearly four decades, I felt there was a story to be told. Many former students and members of staff sent me information and anecdotes and so the book took shape.”

Barlby High School Memories and Reminiscences details the first 50 years of the school, from its opening in 1960 and includes a selection of stories and anecdotes from former pupils and members of staff. It also covers many stories about pupils’ experiences on trips in the UK and abroad including trips to the school’s twin school in Denmark.

Principal of Barlby High School, Julie Caddell, said “David’s book is a fascinating book, full of facts and information I was not aware of! It’s really important that we don’t lose sight of the school’s history and this book means that we now have a record of Barlby High School’s first half a century. We will be sure to keep a copy in pride of place in the school library.”

The book can be purchased directly from Mr Milburn who can be contacted by email at

12 July 2021