Head of School - Anouska Gardner
Head of School - Anouska Gardner


Transition plan

Our current plan for transition this year

Each of the following sections are key elements to the transition process.  We have obviously been running and organising such events for many years, however this year like last year we have to do them differently.

School visits

We normally visit every student in their primary school so they can meet Mr Rinaldi who is the Head of Year 7.  He will be able to provide key information and help deal with and answer any questions, queries or worries the young persons may have.  It is Mr Rinaldi’s intention to visit each primary school, keeping a social distance and speaking to all students in groups of 15.  We do understand that many primary schools will not be inviting guests and visitors in so hopefully this transition video from Mr Rinaldi should help answer any questions you have.

Form groups and setting

In the event that Mr Rinaldi is not able to visit your child in their primary school, we will contact the school and speak to the Year 6 teachers, SENCO and in some cases Headteachers to get as much information as we can. We will also ensure the young people are placed in forms with friends and peers from their schools. We know this is often a huge worry for a young person, and particularly in these strange times, any reassurance we can give will go a long way.